Rearing Ducklings and Ducks

Raising ducks is among the alternative poultry venture thats lucrative.


Duck meat is more nutritious,has high dressed weight than chicken,has less diseases,has high feed conversion ratio and Ducks lays more eggs than chicken.

Ducks are less vulnerable ,more tolerant to disease than chickens.

Among duck breeds are pekin ducks,black swedish ducks,indian runner ducks,khaki campbell and cayuga ducks.

Pekin duck breed which is a breed specifically kept for meat are the broilers of the duck world.They are ready for slaughter at 7 weeks with a dressed weight of 2.5kgs.

Their is demand duck meat in high end restaurants and some niche consumers.A whole dressed duck sells at 1000kshs to 1500kshs.

Farmers can decide to raise ducklings for sale too.Day old duckling sells at average 250 Ksh.

One can sell duck meat in butcheries,hotels,individual consumers or package and sell in pieces in supermarkets.