Propagation Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit can be started either by cuttings or by seed. Starting by cuttings is the best, because they grow and fruit faster than seedlings do.

Dragon Fruit Plants

To take dragon fruit cuttings, cut a newer piece of growth off of a dragon fruit plant.

It should be about six to eight inches long. Then, at the bottom inch, cut all three ridges to expose the fibrous middle.

Leave the cutting to air-dry for seven days. Do not put it in water or water it at all during that time.

When seven days is over, plant your dragon fruit cutting into a pot or directly into the ground. In about half a month it roots into the soil.

If you started it in a pot first, you can transplant it into the soil after half a month. From a cutting, dragon fruit takes fourteen months to fruit in tropical climates from cuttings.