Rearing poultry in cold weather

Keeping Poultry Warm in Cold Weather

With prevailing cold weather conditions, below are a few tips to consider for seamless rearing of your birds:


  1. Repair House roofs/wall: Keep away leaks.

  2. Side curtains (magunia): Well sewn together and fitted along the open side walls-this meant to control draught air blowing directly to the chicks level as well as creating a controlled brooder environment acceptable to the chick.

  3. Double curtains management; In and out curtains. Inside Double curtain partition atleast 2M apart. A false ceiling where applicable.

  4. Use charcoal brooder pots or the gas heaters for brooding.

  5. Maintain Consistent heat depending on brooding stage.

  6. At least warm water during the First 5 days of life for the chicks.

  7. As often feeding of your birds for energy production that is intended to go towards growth and production.

  8. 3-4 inches depth of wood shavings spread on the floor.

  9. Brood your broiler chicks for 3 weeks and layers for at least 5 weeks.

  10. Remember to keep your production process basic and simple.