Farmers will often graft a tree branch of younger tree that has desirable qualities, doing this to add or blend the desired qualities of the new to the old.   Qualities like a favorite avocado “flavor”, tree hardiness, season’s time of year and disease immunity are all qualities taken into consideration when grafting.  


Common poultry diseases include: – Coccidiosis, New Castle disease, Fowl Typhoid and Fowl pox. Poultry also may suffer from ectoparasites and edoparasites in addition to other vices.   If one of the birds start showing signs of coccidiosis, it’s good to treat the whole flock.   The disease is spread from bird to bird through […] The post Coccidiosis appeared …

Honey Extraction

Traditionally, honey was sold in the comb, but nowadays most consumers prefer honey that is extracted from the comb.   This processed honey is clean and ready to use, and can be stored over a longer period of time.   To ensure that honey keeps its quality, you have to respect three basic rules: 1.Harvest only honey that is mature; …

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Desert Locust a Threat to Food Security

FAO had earlier on warned that Desert Locust summer breeding, amplified by heavy rains, could pose a serious threat to agricultural production areas of Yemen, Sudan, Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia and northern Somalia during the next three months. This could result in potentially adverse impacts on the agricultural seasonal yields and local economies affecting food security and livelihoods of …