The New Tools in Agriculture

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Agriculture has New Farming Tools

Farming is one of the oldest occupations in the world and has continued on with the same tools up until recently.

The Green Revolution that was initiated in the the 1950s in the developed world led to increase in agricultural production.

The Green Revolution brought with it new crop variety and use of irrigation systems for increased crop yields.This was adopted worldwide and also led to growth of biotechnology,disease and pest control.

We are now in what is called the Digital Revolution Age.

The digital eras have connected billions of people through mobile devices, the internet and technologies characterized by use of immense computational power coupled with massive data acquisition and analysis.

Where is agriculture in all these?

Agriculture has now embraced new farming tools which complement the traditional farming methods and equipments.

These tools are digital in nature and are here to stay.These new digital solutions to agricultural problems and practices have one thing in common:they are Data Driven.

From flying Drones which can plant thousands of seeds to Internet powered hardware that can monitor soil moisture.

Mechanisation is also on a metamorphosis from the traditional tractor to the new digitalised robust equipment that is taking on the wheels.

Agro-produce consumers and buyers are also digitalized, farmers can now sell their produce through online marketplaces or through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter which have massive users.

The new farming tools are Digital.

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