Starting a Poultry Farm in Kenya

Poultry keeping for business can be a viable and sustainable business.The demand for poultry products is in constant demand.If managed well one can make a living out of it.

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Poultry Farming

One can sell to hotels and institutions if they can produce in large quantities.The most common place to sell eggs is retail shops including supermarkets.Broiler meat can be sold to chicken meat vendors,butcheries and individual buyers.The market is available.

If looking for alternative market channels one can also sell online via platforms as mkulima market.

Source of Chicks

One can source one day old chicks from other farmers who keep the chicken breed one wants to start out with.Online platforms in facebook may be places where one can find those selling chicks and equipment to start out.

One can begin with 100 chicks and in time and with experience  increase the number.

Other requirements

  • Land or housing for the birds.Free range requires larger space than bird cages.
  • Manage disposing of waste as manure.There is likely to be an odour from the woodshavings removed from the chicken house.
  • You need a constant source of clean water.
  • Charcoal jikos  for warmth or infra red heat electric lamps.Use of charcoal or electricity to warm up the brooder.
  • A safe storage space for feeds,equipment and other supplies.
  • Nests for layers.
  • Perches for resting.
  • Egg trays or crates.
  • Vaccines,Feeds and other utilities should be laid down in the budget.

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