The Need for Agribusiness Graduates

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Even before the industrial age ,agriculture was the central occupation in most parts of the world.Now, in the information age agriculture has become more sophiscated and globalized in trade of agricultural commodities.

The 21st Century poses more complex agricultural problems than ever before. As the global population expands beyond 7.5 billion, climates continue to warm at an alarming rate and sea levels threaten to flood the land. Agriculture graduates are the ones who will be responsible for finding solutions to these issues.

One of the biggest challenges facing the agricultural world is the increasing number of mouths that need feeding while also trying to create a sustainable world. Mass agriculture is currently the largest contributor to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Shockingly, methane produced by cows exceeds that produced by all the trains, cars, planes, boats and buses on the planet.

Kenya’s jobless graduates have found agribusiness a worthy venture as demand for produce rises amid fast-growing population.Even though themselves not trained in agribusiness per se.The youth, mainly university graduates, are investing in various agribusiness ventures that include keeping of livestock, growing of crops and adding value to produce like milk to make yoghurt and fruits to make juice.

Agriculture is the backbone of the Kenyan economy owing to its massive contribution to the country’s Gross Product (GDP). On average, agriculture contributes approximately 24% of the GDP directly, and about 27% indirectly through related sectors such as distribution and manufacturing companies

From plant and soil sciences to seed and biotechnology, there is a wide array of options within the industry. But with almost half the job opportunities projected to fall under business and management, those with an agribusiness MBA will be in the highest demand for professional positoins as agriventures sprout up.It may be an unexpected path for some, but farming could be the career students never knew they wanted.