Mulch is material used to cover the soil. Its the use of material such as dry straw, leaves, crop residues, green manure crops, or saw-dust, or plastic covers etc.

The material is spread upon the surface of the soil. A mulch cover helps protect the soil from erosion and evaporation, nourishes soil life, increases soil organic matter content and provides nutrients to the crop.

It helps reduce evaporation and retain moisture, reduce soil erosion, suppress weed growth and provide plant nutrients as the material decomposes.

Mulch can be used in fields before and after planting, as well as around young crop plants.

It is especially useful for high-valuable vegetable crops, and for growing crops in dry areas, during dry-season cropping, and in places where the soil is easily eroded by heavy rains. Where soil erosion is a problem, slowly decomposing mulch material.

It helps to save you water, time and labour whilst at the same enriching your soil and giving you a better harvest. During dry season its possible to keep the moisture in the soil for longer through mulching.

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