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The Kuroiler breed of chicken is consistently changing the poultry industry in Africa both at subsistence and commercial level. This bird right from its introduction is steadily challenging traditional commercial and subsistence poultry farming methods by creating a new poultry farming niche market.


Developed in India and having succeeded firstly in Uganda, we’re literally seeing the Kuroiler is clearly transforming typically subsistence poultry farmers to commercial farmers.


This bird breed’s name seems to have been coined from the word BROILER , and then African Americanized to get the name KUROILER but we now see different variations of the same name depending on where someone is coming from including ; KROILER, CROILER , CUROILER.


Kuroiler chickens have multi-coloured plumage, but the characteristic and distinctive pattern is their speckled white and grey feathers. The Kuroilers mature faster as compared to the other breeds. The hens weigh 2kg and the cocks 3kg by three months and 3.5kg and 4.5kg respectively by eight months.


They are also efficient converters of food to body masses as compared to other breeds, which take time to grow. The Kuroiler egg is also much bigger than the others, a performance that is attributed to the bird’s genes.


The Kuroiler breed adapts well to free-range rearing and is a vicious scavenger. They love eating small plants and insects and also feed on house leftovers.


Their speckled plumage acts as a perfect camouflage from predators, thus, ensuring its survival under the backyard production systems common in rural settings where no protection or supervision is offered.


We have One Day to One Months Old kuroiler chicks which are fully vaccinated and a ready for rearing.One fact is that ,rearing of this bird will bring income to a family and also boost nutritional value of diets.


Where can you buy chicks? Place Order

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