Organic Farming




Compost your kitchen wastes...... With earthworms...................
Grow organic foods..................
Eat organic foods.........
Avoid lifestyle diseases.......
For a long healthy life.........

Lifestyle diseases are killing us daily caused by our eating unhealthy foods. You can grow your own foods organically in your kitchen garden and eat healthy foods for a long healthy life...........

How to make your own organic fertilizers IN 8 STEPS using wastes from your farm and kitchen wastes, shredded papers, livestock manure by composting them using earthworms. You can also feed your chicken with the earthworms as they are pure protein.

Step 1- collect your organic wastes in a container with a hole on the side. We recommend half blue plastic drum as it has more space area for feeding the worms and for aeration.

Step 2- Buy earthworms from Joe's Redworms farm. Call Peter on 0713 032797. You can buy the red worms in at ksh. 2,500 per kg. You can buy as many kgs you want depending on the amount of waste you have and the amount of investment you want to make. We usually recommend you start with 5 kgs for each half blue plastic drum.

Step 3- insert the earthworms inside the wastes.

Step 4- Moisten the contents

Step 5- Add your organic wastes every every two weeks

Step 6- collect your Vermiliquid organic fertilizer from the hole in the container

Step 7 - Fertilize your plants and grow organic vegetables.

Step 8 - Harvest your vegetables and cook them. Organic Food is medicine which will improve the health of your family to avoid lifestyle diseases like diabetic, cancer and you will live a long healthy life!!!
Joe's Redworm farm Kenya is the largest breeders of red worms in Kenya. We are located at Ruaka along Limuru rd just after the Two Rivers mall.
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