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Hermatic Bag for Grains Storage



To reduce storage losses from insects, farmers can use insecticides or improve their storage facilities at the farm.

One possibility is the introduction of Hermetic storage Bags. They require relatively low capital investment, suiting to smallholder farmers capabilities.

For smallholder farmers this hermetic bags are the simplest low-cost way to make a hermitic storage facility.

Composed of two distinct bags. One polypropylene (PP) outer bag and a multi-layer inner liner. The multi-layer liner is co-extruded combining HDPE, MLLDPE and low permeability barrier layers preventing the passage of gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor

Mode of action: Once filled with maize and closed, it acts as a strong barrier to oxygen. The oxygen already inside the bag is depleted by both the stored grains & pulses and the insects through their normal respiration.

This is a fully organic solution for grain and pulses preservation and storage. It controls insect pests without any pesticide. What kills insects is the oxygen depletion hence the importance of having a good barrier to oxygen.

Condition of use: Hermetic storage bags should be used with grain which has been dried to the recommended moisture content.

It is usually recommended to dry to 13% - 14 % moisture content. If grain is stored in hermetic storage bags without being properly dried, the risk is to turn the produce into silage and would result in a deterioration of the produce quality.

Target pests and crops: For storage of grains and pulses against damage from insect pests. In the case of maize and dried cassava with serious infestation of the Larger Grain Borer (LGB), we recommend not to use, as LGB are well adapted to boring through both wood & plastic and damage the hermetic property.

Benefits: Farmers who can afford to store the grains and not sell hurriedly during the harvest season at a lower price, have opportunity to earn better price and make better profits from their harvest after storing for a few months in the bag.

There is no loss of weight of the stored grains. Grains are pesticide dust free and ready to consume any time.
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