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176 Eggs Incubator

FARM EQUIPMENT Nairobi, KE 3 months ago


176 chicken eggs, 126 duck eggs, 64 goose eggs
Precision digital humidity control, digital temperature control Optional tray with egg turning motor with fully adjustable turning period.

Dual-temperature controls. Automatic egg-turning, automatic temperature control, humidity control, and low temperature alarm. Set the controls once and chicken eggs will hatch after the normal 21 day incubation period with no intervention.

During the process of incubation, temperature control, over-temperature alarm and egg turning are automatically done by the controller. Besides the control panel is easy to operate.
Above all, the digital incubator controller is the ideal equipment for breeding poultry and rare birds and for small and medium-sized hatchery.

Made in Kenya, 1 year Guarantee

Nairobi, KE

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Egg Incubator
Egg Incubator
Egg Incubator