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MELIA ( MUKAU) Seedlings

AGRO-SERVICES Machakos, KE 1 month ago


MELIA VOLKENSII 'the African Mahogany' an Indigenous Wonder Tree.

Fast growing hardwood tree.

A foot of melia volkensii wood costs about Sh60 to Sh70, which is double the price of wood from other species.

Wood products made from melia volkensii timber cost 40 to 50 per cent more than those from cypress and pine wood.

Other benefits of Melia :

Serve as fodder for livestock.

A source of green leaf manure.

Can be used for mulching.

Wind breakers.

Mitigate soil erosion.

Can be inter-cropped with cereals like peas, green grams, and cow peas.

We have Melia Seedlings and Seeds available in plenty.

Contact us today.


Machakos, KE

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Melia Tree Propagation
Melia Tree Propagation
Melia Tree Propagation