Kalim Kali Farms


Kalim Kali Farms

Kalim Kali Farms embraces our Agribusiness feature today. You can get in touch with Kalim Kali via their page.

Kalim Kali have been an active member of our farming community and are a big inspiration especially to new upcoming farmers.

We recently engaged Kalim on a Question and Answer session and this is what he had to say:

Briefly introduce yourself:

My name is Lutwama Abdukarim, 24 years old and I come from kampala (Uganda). I ‘m a farmer by profession and a C. E. O at Kalim Kali Farms Uganda

What does Kalim Kali Farms as an Agribusiness do?:

Our company does several AgriBusiness activities such as:

  • Growing horticultural crops
  • Contract farming
  • Agro-Consultancy
  • Selling quality inputs

You are a young agripreneur. If not in AgriBusiness what would you be doing?

Oh Yes! am young and as several young people I love sports, especially football very much.I bet I would have been a professional footballer

What are your choice of crops?:

As kalim Kali farms Uganda we deal in horticultural crops (fruit trees,fruits) as well as vanilla, cocoa and coffee

You are outstanding in your field,what inspires you?

I am inspired and stimulated by seeing other succesful farms and farmers. I’m also motivated by supporting others in farming especially helping the young upcoming farmers

His parting shot:

In the end ,it is important to remember that we can’t become what we need to be,by remaining what we are

In recognition for helping younger farmers, Kalim Kali Farm won the national Skool Award for the most Vibrant Innovative Farmers in Uganda


KALIM KALI FARMS, UGANDA Farmers in Horticulture and Cash Crops Kalim Kali are trusted young farmers in Uganda who redefine farming and agriprenuership

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