Joe’s Vermiculture

Your organic kitchen wastes is black GOLD.Your organic farm waste is black gold.Your livestock manure is black gold. waste)

Vermiculture is a method of utilizing redworms to convert organic waste,kitchen waste into vermicompost ,an organic manure-fertilizer.

The liquid fertilizer from the process of composting using the red worms is called vermiwash or vermitea.

Compost your organic wastes using composting red worms in vermiculture and get the following benefits:

  1. Organic vermicompost
  2. Organic vermiliquid
  3. Sell red worms
  4. Feed your chicken and fish with earthworms as a pure protein feed

Joe’s says:

Think Organics.

Grow Organics vegetables.

Eat organic vegetables.

Avoid lifestyle diseases like cancer.

For a healthy long life.

Start your organic kitchen garden today using composting red worms.Red worms eat organic wastes.

You can feed your chicken with Redworms as they are pure protein to help them grow faster and lay more eggs

Joe’s Redworms farm Kenya is the largest breeders of red worms in Kenya for local and export market.

We can send the red worms to any location in Kenya and outside Kenya.

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