Hanging Bee Hives

Installation of beehives

A hive can be suspended, for example between two trees or from sturdy branches of big trees. It can also be installed on a platform or a rock. This is a decision that must be made by the individual beekeeper. Advantages and disadvantages of the two methods are set out below.

Advantages of hanging beehives

  1. It is cheaper to hang a beehive than to install it on a platform.
  2. The lizard, an important hive predator, does not seem to pose a serious danger.
  3. Cattle and other grazing animals cannot tip the hive over.
  4. Running water cannot carry the beehive away.
  5. It is easier to prevent ants from reaching the hive than when it is installed on a stand.
  6. A thief seldom steals a Kenyan top-bar hive in a tree, especially when it contains honey, because it is not easy to remove the suspension wires if they are properly attached.


  1. A suspended hive can swing. The bees become alert and are prepared to pounce on the beekeeper if they find him.

  2. Honey-harvesting and brood-nest control are difficult to execute during the day.

  3. It is not easy to change the location of the hive. When removing it from the tree, the least false movement may result in tipping it over and jarring the whole contents. Sometimes the only way to remove it from the tree is to cut the suspension wires

**Credit:Content is Sourced from FAO