We need farmers everyday of our lives

Indeed   #mkulimaonline   @mkulimaforum   A few times in your life- you will need a Doctor, a Lawyer, a Policeman but every day….three times a day . . You Need A Farmer 🌱#ZeroHunger pic.twitter.com/qHaDPRlU6T — Sithembile Siziba (@SithemSiziba) October 9, 2019 Three times a day — an essential service because we are more than food. We are also the basis …

Cabbage ,Potato & Maize @Nanyuki

Kindly call Hassan on this number  0727793001 if interested in buying this freshly harvest Cabbage Maize or Potatoes. Cabbage,maize and potatoes for sale.At [email protected] @mkulimayoung @mkulima_online @Mkulima_Bora @rodgers_kirwa @AgriSocietyOfKe pic.twitter.com/IN1k3wqffp — Dilow Hassan (@MrDilovly) September 29, 2019  

Urban gardens

With the growing population in Nairobi and food safety concerns , innovative urban gardens are one means of getting fresh veggies for everyday consumption. One thing to note is that the plants are grown organically. Lizbeth Koigi is one such creative agriprenuer who demonstrates that indoor farming through vertical grow bags or custom designed containers is very practical and someone …

Future Machines

This future machines will be autonomous ,self driving and this will be maybe possible by the internet of things. The use of technology will be prominent in future. Critical question is when Africa will embrace such technology while we still facing the important challenges of food security and an inefficient food supply chain system.  

Digital innovations may help in agricultural challenges

Smallholder farmers produce around 80 per cent of the food consumed in Sub-Saharan Africa. How might IoT innovations develop to respond to their needs? They are confronted with challenges such as decreasing plot sizes, hostile environments (through drought, flood or soil erosion), unstable markets and the scarcity of water and energy. For many these problems […] The post Digital innovations …